The Bridge for Your Global Business

SCG Trading has years of experience in international trading and expertise in the global marketplace to serve your needs. Aiming to be “the most trusted business partner”, we understand your goals and objectives and are able to offer quality products with supply chain management to help you achieve those goals.

The Bridge for Your Global Business

With the dedication to become the best in all business endeavors, SCG Trading provides a diverse range of products to fulfill each customer's needs. Our product lineup has a strong background in cement and related building materials, and have expanded to other premium quality products to support the market's growth.

The Bridge for Your Global Business

We have been operating our business in the ASEAN for more than 30 years and now have a global presence with international trading offices located around the world. In addition to expanding the product line, we also play an advisory role and provide support on branding and marketing to our customers and suppliers.

The Bridge for Your Global Business

Our experience and the expertise of our qualified staff allow us to serve customers’ needs and customize our services. We have an excellent and professional supply chain management that is able to deliver products on time, and guarantee that customers receive the highest quality materials at very competitive market prices.


SCG Trading, a subsidiary of SCG, is at the forefront in international trading business. We strive and remain committed to provide the greatest value for our customers and stakeholders while remaining an innovative organization for our employees to be a part of. We continue to develop new products and services, adopt new technologies, as well as maintain operational excellence.


SCG Trading products have a strong brand reputation and are known throughout the world for their high quality and reliability. SCG Trading handles an extensive array of products. We are always looking to expand our range of products and explore new product categories to serve customers’ needs.

SCG Trading Branches & Network

Thailand – Bangkok (Headquarter)

SCG Trading Co., Ltd.


SCG Trading Australia Pty Ltd

Bangladesh – Dhaka

SCG Trading Co.,Ltd. (Dhaka Liaison Office)

Cambodia - Phonom Penh

SCG Trading (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Cambodia - Poi Pet

SCG Trading (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

China – Guangzhou

SCG Trading Guangzhou Co., Ltd.

China – Kunming

SCG Trading Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (Kunming Branch)

China – Nanning

SCG Trading Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (Nanning Branch)

Hong Kong

SCG Trading Hong Kong Limited


SCG Trading Co., Ltd. (Taipei Representative Office)

India – Gurgaon

SCG Trading Co., Ltd. (Gurgaon Liaison Office)


PT. SCG Trading Indonesia

Lao P.D.R.

SCG Trading Lao Co., Ltd.


SCGT Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


SCG Trading Co., Ltd. (Myanmar Branch)


SCG Trading Philippines Inc.

U.A.E. - Dubai



SCG Trading USA Inc.

Vietnam - Danang

SCG Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Danang Branch)

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

SCG Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Vietnam – Hanoi

SCG Trading Co. (Hanoi Representative Office)